Auhagen 41708

Spor: H0

The service station makes this engine shed very attractive. 5, partly dented, fuel tanks can be stored in the shed, 8 pieces are included. You can t do without a hand pump and 2 cans, of course. 
The doors to the engine shed are not moveable, but can be affixed either open or closed. The floor is equipped with track corresponding to our narrow gauge railway track parts 41 701. Other track systems can also be used by removing this track. An overhead line tower as well as workshop stove complete the contents of this construction kit.
Clear gate height 30 mm
Clear gate width 24 mm
For engines up to 68 mm long

71 x 42 x 41 mm
40 x 15 x 19 mm

119,00  DKK
159,00  DKK
Du sparer: 40,00  DKK
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