ESU 50113

Prototype: Mobile Control II Remote Control Set for ECoS, DE/EN. With lanyard, USB-cable, Mini-Accesspoint, power supply and LAN cable.

Model: The Mobile Control II is perfectly tuned for the interaction with the ECoS command stations: the ECoS synchronises all data with the radio controlled throttle. Therefore you do not have to enter any data locally. Of course, the correct names and symbols will also be displayed for accessories and routes.
The Mobile Control II can control all locomotives registered in the ECoS and supports 14, 28 or 128 speed steps. All important locomotive properties such as name, symbol, function mapping as well as symbols for function buttons will be taken from the ECoS and will be displayed correctly.
You may switch up to 28 functions for each locomotive, which, of course, can either be momentary or continuous functions.

All accessories and routes displayed on the control panel of the ECoS can be switched. Of course the differentiation between double, treble and quadruple aspects will remain fully intact and displayed with the correct symbol on the display.

The Mobile Control II applies the WLAN standard for communicating with the ECoS. Therefore you must connect the command station to a WLAN network. Should you already have a WLAN router (e.g. AVM® FritzBox®) you may simply connect the ECoS to one of these routers. The ECoS and the Mobile Control II will find each other automatically.

It is no problem if you do not wish to connect your model train layout with your home network respectively if you wish to remain flexible for exhibitions: We supply a mini access point for the Mobile Control II on request that can easily be set up in a few steps with the ECoS.

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