Märklin 60128


The Connect-6021 is for bidirectional connections between the former Märklin Digital System and the 60213-60215 and 60216/60226 Central Station. This allows you to control 80 locomotives (Motorola format as well as mfx) with the 6021 Control Unit, control locomotive auxiliary functions (function, F1 – F4), control solenoid accessories with synchronized display of their settings. This connection also allows you to use the 6043 memory as well as the memory functionality of the 60213-60215 and 60216/60226 Central Station. Connections on the back side: M-Bus cable (for connections to the 60213-60215 and 60216/60226). Side connections: Multi-pin strip connector for connections to the "6021 world".

Dimensions 135 x 120 x 80 mm.

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