LDT 310111


16-fold Standard-Feedback Module

for the s88-feedback bus for s88-standard connection and RJ-45 sockets in accordance to from the Digital-Professional-Series !

The feedback module RM-88-N is equipped for s88-standard connections with 6-poles pin bars and for bus connections according to s88-N with screened RJ-45 sockets

Features of the RM-88-N

For the connection to command stations and interfaces, which supports the s88-feedback bus: e.g.

  • Märklin Interface (up to 31 units),
  • Märklin Memory (up to 3 units),
  • Central Station 1 and 2 (up to 31 units),
  • Central Station 3 plus (up to 31 units),
  • Central Station 3 via L88 (60883) (up to 31 units per Bus 1 to 3),
  • Intellibox / TWIN-CENTER (up to 31 units),
  • EasyControl(up to 31 units),
  • ECoS (up to 31 units),
  • Commander (up to 31 units),
  • HSI-88(-USB) (up to 31 units) und
  • DiCoStation (up to 31 units).

The feedback RM-88-N contains 16 inputs, which are switching against ground (as Märklin s88 / S88 AC).

Simple and safe connection of switch rails, contact rails, occupancy sensors and reed contacts etc. via screw clamps.

The feedback module RM-88-N is suitable for s88-standard connections with 6-poles pin bars and for bus connections according to s88-N equipped with screened RJ-45 sockets. It is suitable for 5 and 12V bus voltage.

Additional information about the standard s88-N which will be supported by other
manufacturers as well can be found here: http://www.s88-N.eu.

If the screening of the bus connections in accordance to s88-N requires a connection to the layout ground is it possible to solder a grounded cable to the metal housing of a RJ-45 socket.

  • The feedback module RM-88-N can be combined as required with the feedback module RM-88-N-O, RM-GB-8-N and RM-DEC-88 / RM-DEC-88-O / RM-GB-8 with the s88-feedback module from Märklin and other suppliers.
  • The unit is available as ready to use finished module, as finished module in a case or as kit on a 86×76 mm printed circuit board with four fastening bores. (an empty case LDT-01 for kits and suitable assembly material can be found under Accessory).
  • The feedback module RM-88-N from the Digital-Professional-Series can be operated without any problem on your digital controlled layout because it is 100% compatible to the s88-feedback bus.
  • The finished module and the finished module in a case comes with 24 month warranty.
  • Each feedback module RM-88-N will be supplied with a detailed operating-/respectively assembly-instruction. Those instructions can be found within the next section.
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