Roco 52580

Spor: H0    Epoke: III-IV    DC

Tramway “Jägermeister”

6-axle articulated railcar that promotes the “Jägermeister”. 

Underfloor drive below bogie, allowing an uninterrupted view through the train with interior design.

Trams are an important part of the public transport in many cities. They differ from railways in that they take part in public traffic.
The articulated wagons “Duewag” operated in the Federal Republic of Germany, and as license wagons also in Austria. As a tram railcar the “Duewag” could be found in most major cities.

General Data

Digital-Decoder: No
Digital Interface: NEM 652 digital decoder socket
Motor: 5-pol. Motor
Number og driven axels: 2
Flywhell: Yes
Head light: Dual front headlight
Minimum radius: 220 mm

Length over puffer. 247 mm

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