Brawa 41504

Spor: H0    Epoke: III    AC

Diesel locomotive V90 DB

- PluX22 interface
- Driver cabin lighting
- All axles are driven
- Lights equipped with maintenance-free LEDs
- Chassis and gearbox housing manufactured from zinc die-casting
- Etched radiator grille
- Spring buffers
- Freestanding handles and handrails
- Clear view through the driver cabin
- Reproduction of the brake linkage
- Realistic presentation of the bogie frame incl. the axle drives
- Further-developed engine and load control
- Latest sound technology with excellent sound qualities

EXTRA digital version:
- The following features can be digitally controlled:
- Original sound and driven fan
- Filigree electronic coupling with NEM pocket
- Shunting light and red rear light can be individually controlled; driver cabin lighting

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