Märklin 48934

Spor: H0    Epoke: VI    AC

Type Lbgjs 598 Container Transport Car

Prototype: ÖBB type Lbgjs 598 2-axle container flat car. Loaded with 5 type "pa" milk containers for Gmundner Milch / Gmundner Milk.

Model: The car has high-performance buffer beams and inset grab irons. It is loaded with 5 removable milk containers. The milk containers are extensively imprinted with a fictitious paint and lettering scheme for Gmundner Milch / Gmundner Milk. The milk containers have different registration numbers. Restraints for mounting the milk containers on the flat car are included. Length over the buffers 17 cm. DC wheel set E700580. Trix Express wheel set E33357811.

New Item 2018 - 4. Q 2018

389,00  DKK
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