Kibri 26262

Spor: H0    Epoke: V-VI    DC

Low side car with platform GleisBau, finished model

Finished model. Another highlight in our series GleisBau is this low side car which is used mainly for the repair and maintenance of catenary. The three-stage work platform can be equipped individually and thus you can create a rail construction site by your wishes. Equipped with DC wheelset. Exchange wheelset AC item-No. 26245. We recommend suitable buildings item-No. 39323, 39324 and 39325 and low side cars item-No. 26250, 26254 and 26255 of GleisBau series. Equipped with ingenious close-coupling kinematics and NEM shaft.

Dimensions: Lob 15,8 x W 4,7 x H 5,5 cm.


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