Märklin 46356

Spor: H0    Epoke: III    AC

Type Ommi 51 Dump Car Set

Prototype: 5 German Federal Railroad (DB) type Ommi 51 two-axle dump cars in a fictitious black basic paint scheme. 2 dump cars with hand brakes, with a brakeman's platform, and with rail clamps. 3 dump cars without hand brakes, without a brakeman's platform, and with rail clamps. The cars look as they did in the mid-Sixties.

Model: The dump cars have detailed construction with partially open frames, separately applied rail clamps, and separately applied tipping hoppers. Some cars have a separately applied brakeman's platform and some do not. All of the dump cars have different car numbers and load inserts of ballast in the hoppers. All of the cars are individually packaged, with an additional master package. Total length over the buffers 53 cm. DC wheel set per dump car E700580.

The 200th birthday of Theodor Friedrich Wilhelm Märklin, born on April 2, 1817, is in 2017. This dump car set is being issued on this occasion in a one-time series.


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