Faller 190499

Spor: H0   

Winter set

Model winter atmosphere! Ensemble of a two-storey alpine house with a wooden well, bench for relaxing in the evening and balcony, as well as a half-round village church with a roofed portal and bell-tower. The kit also includes wintry, bare trees, icicles and a material composition for manufacturing glittering masses of snow, as well as a spatula and detailed information for designing your winter landscape.
This building kit contains: 221 single parts in 11 colours, window foil, 2 paper masks and 3 construction instructions.
Use for handicrafts FALLER - plastic glue.
Dimensions chapel: 98 x 64 x 120 mm
Dimensions House: 99 x 89 x 72 mm
225,00  DKK
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