Faller 130372

Spor: H0    Epoke: III


Luxuriously designed estate property. The model consists of a main building and an outbuilding, as well as a small cultivated area and a wall around the entire property.
Many design elements such as a sales stall for the farm shop and other miscellaneous small parts truly add value.
This building kit contains: 363 single parts in 11 colours, window foil, 1 paper mask, 1 decoration and 1 construction instruction.
Use for handicrafts FALLER - plastic glue.
Dimensions main building: 174 x 125 x 125 mm
Dimensions shed: 133 x 98 x 102 mm
Outbuilding dimensions: 70 x 63 x 60 mm
Market stand dimensions: 32,5 x 36 x 31 mm
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