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Combined Set “At the Christmas Market”

The Combination Set "At the Christmas Market"
The Set creates a perfect Christmas atmosphere for your Christmas Market and it makes the old's and the young's eyes grow wide alike: The Combi Set "At the Christmas Market" contains a Christmas Stall and a 10 cm long Fairy Light Chain with 10 LEDS.
The Set is made with usual high quality of all NOCH Laser-Cut products. The Fairy Ligths Chain contains 10 LEDs and the pre-resistors and can be dircetly connected to the model railway transformer (16 V, AC or DC).

Packaging Unit: 1 Set
Length: 38.00 mm
Width: 27.00 mm
Height: 34.00 mm
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173,00  DKK
Du sparer: 34,00  DKK
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