Märklin 46164

Spor: H0    Epoke: III    AC

Beer Refrigerator Car

Formerly a Brewery, Currently an Art Center: the Wiels in Brussels. It was in 1862 when the Wielemans family founded their brewery in Rue de Terre-Neuve in the center of Brussels. This brewery was in existence until 1988. It was a small family brewery but as early as 1879, it was moved to the outskirts of Brussels because the dreams were becoming larger and the brewery was growing. As early as 1885, the brewery began producing its first light, fermented beers, which had to be refrigerated constantly. The years passed and in the difficult period of World War II, the firm created a temporary beer, Wiel's, a "Fluitjesbier" (a very low alcohol beer). The Wiel's beer was to become the most famous beer from Wielemans-Ceuppens!

Prototype: Three-axle boxcar as a beer refrigerator car with a brakeman's cab. Privately owned car painted and lettered for "Wiel´s Wielemans", used on the Belgian State Railways (SNCB). The car looks as it did in the Mid-Fifties.

Model: The sliding doors can be opened. The car has separately applied steps on the sides.
Length over the buffers 13.3 cm.
DC wheelset E32301211.

Fall New Items 2020 - 1.Q 2021

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