Märklin 47118

Spor: H0    Epoke: IV-V    AC

"Mineral Water Transport" Sliding Tarp Car Set

Prototype: Three type Rils four-axle sliding tarp cars, as privately owned cars used on the French State Railways (SNCF). Mineral water advertising included on the sliding tarps. European standard design with a length of 19.90 meters. Version with rectangular buffers and without locking brakes. The car looks as it did around 1992.

Model: All of the cars have type Y 25 trucks. They also have a metal insert for good running characteristics. The underbody detailing is specific to the cars. The cars have many separately applied details. Each car is modeled with a closed tarp. All of the cars have different car numbers and are individually packaged. There is also a master package.
Length over the buffers per car 22.9 cm.
DC wheel set per car E700580.

Fall New Items 2020

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