Märklin 60101

100 VA, 220-240 Volt Switched Mode Power Pack

This switched mode power pack is for connecting to and for powering the 60216, 60226 as well as 60214/60215 Central Station and the Boosters 60175 and 60174. The input is 220-240 volts / 50 Hertz, and the output is 19 volts / 100 watts DC voltage. Tabletop switched mode power pack in a plastic housing with mounting tabs. Dimensions 190 x 96 x 65 mm. Connections: 4-pin mini DIN high current plug. The 60101 switched mode power pack is designed for use in dry areas. The cross section of the wire from the Central Station to the track must be at least 0.5 square millimeters / approximately 0.0008 square inches! Recommended only for 1 Gauge and LGB.

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