Viessmann 5079

Spor: H0/TT/N     AC/DC

LED House interior lighting with TV-simulation

Power-saving and maintenance free LED house interior lighting for all model railway buildings. All windows/rooms can be illuminated separated lifelike.The clou: Attached control module and board with special red-blue LEDs create a lifelike TV simulation! The control module is equipped with 4 outputs which allows to connect up to 6 LED-boards. More boards with one LED are available, yellow item-No. 6007, white item-No. 6008, warm-white item-No. 6006 or boards with 2 LEDs for more brightness in white item-No. 6017, yellow item-No. 6018 and warm-white item-No. 6021. Including 3 boards with one white LED, one board with red-blue LEDs for TV simulation, one control electronics and 12 light boxes in 4 different sizes.

Dimensions of the light boxes: L 17 x W 18 x H 26 mm, L 17 x W 16 x H 21 mm, L 17 x W 12 x H 19 mm, L 17 x W 14 x H 23 mm.

Tip: Power module item-No. 5215 offers flicker-free lighting. By using AC power nearly double brightness is possible.

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