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Themed Figures Sets „In the Garden“

Themed Figures Set »In the Garden«

What could be nicer than a garden of your own? Nowhere else can the fascinating changing of the seasons be better observed. After a long hibernation, flowers and trees come to life again in the spring, blossoming and budding. After blossoms and fruits form over the summer, grow and are harvested, the trees lose their leaves in the autumn. Every hobby gardener takes pleasure in sitting in a well-kept garden, cutting hedges and shrubs, watering flowers and living in harmony with their own little piece of nature.

6 Figures, 2 Garden Chairs,
1 Kettle Barbecue, 1 Wrought Iron Garden Bench,
1 Wooden Bench, 1 Table, 1 Garden Chair,
1 Wheelbarrow, 1 Folding Table (Square),
1 Watering Can, 1 Terracotta Tub (Round),
1 Terracotta Tub (Square)

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