LDT 000123

5-poles booster bus cable, 1 m

For digital control units and boosters:
5-poles booster bus cable with twisted wires and therefore interference protected for the connection of command stations (e.g. Märklin Control Unit, Central Station 1 and 2, DiCoStation and KeyCom as well as Intellibox, TWIN-CENTER, EasyControl, ECoS, Commander) with boosters (e.g. 6015 / 6017, Power 3, TWIN-BOOSTER, DB-2, DB-4) and for connecting boosters to each other.
Each DigitalBooster DB-2 will be supplied with one Kabel Booster 1m.

The Kabel Booster can not only connect the Booster DB-2 and DB-4 together or with the different command stations. Also the Märklin Control Unit can be connected to the Märklin Booster 6015 (top) or 6017 (bottom) e.g. via the Kabel Booster 1m.

Each Kabel Booster will be supplied with a detailed Operating Instruction.

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