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Märklin my world - "Thalys" Starter Set

Hello Europe!
Your international train fleet is welcoming another family member: the Belgian THALYS high-speed train. This red sprinter links the most remote corners of your playroom with the Belgian capital of Brussels. It's worth it, because here there are the best French fries in the world!

Prototype: A high-speed train based on a Thalys.

Model: The train has a battery drive and magnetic couplers between the individual cars. It also has a permanently coupled unit consisting of a powered end car and a passenger car with a built-in battery pack. One car includes interior details and a removable roof for a variety of play options. The train has 3 speed levels in forward and reverse, 3 sound functions, and dual headlights. Train length 63 cm.

Contents: 15 sections of curved plastic track, 10 sections of straight plastic track, 1 left turnout, 1 right turnout, and a handy wireless Märklin Power Control Stick. A rerailer and 4 each AA and 2 each AAA batteries are included. This set can be expanded with the plastic track from the Märklin my world assortment.

New item 2021 - 3. Q 2021


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