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Märklin my world – Freight Ship and Harbor Crane

Out into the Wide World
Quite a bit going on in the harbor. New freight reaches your loading station by the minute. Trucks drive directly into the hold of the freight ship using a ramp. The freight trains are unloaded using the massive crane. It lifts even the heaviest containers from a car and stows them precisely in the ship's hold. Everything on board? Well, cast off the lines!

Prototype: Freight ship and harbor station with a crane with many other play functions, as a kit for children.

Model: The freight ship and harbor station include many different play functions – the highlight is the harbor crane for loading various types of freight. On the freight ship, there are many functions to discover: hinged loading ramps and a movable ship's deck for various loading and unloading options, a winch, a water hose, a destination display that can be rotated on the ship's bridge, and a helicopter pad on the topmost deck. You can playfully reach the interior of the freight ship using the movable ship's deck. The freight ship will float and it can thus be used for playing in the bath. The small rescue boats consist of a flexible material allowing you to spray water with the rescue boats.

The harbor crane is ideal for loading containers and vehicles. The crane has a magnet hook and it also has a loading ramp. Using a guide rail for the crane, you can reach a large loading radius for many possible loading actions. Operating functions for the crane: hinged and extendable crane arm, can be rotated 360° and the crane hook can be raised and lowered with a hand crank. Underneath the crane is a road as access for vehicles. The road connections are compatible with the Majorette Creatix road system. The harbor station includes a docking location for the loading ramp of the freight ship. The harbor wall has windows that can be turned. Included is a truck with a container trailer. The many functions provide a lot of fun for creative playing with the theme of harbor logistics. The freight ship and harbor crane are a rugged kit suitable for children aged 3 and above. A sheet of stickers and instructions for setup are included. This set comes in individual pieces.

New item 2021 - 3. Q 2021

The freight ship and harbor station with a crane are the ideal add-on for the 29342 "Harbor Logistics" starter set.

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