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Märklin my world - Elevated Railroad Bridge Building Block Set

A Really Big Railroad Bridge!
This bridge is quickly set up with its 4 sturdy pillars and allows your elevated railroad to hurtle across broad valleys. Build your play world with roads, rivers, or lakes. With your new big bridge, the Airport Express will zoom across them and provide endless play.

The Building Block Set contains building blocks, a bridge for expanding the Märklin my world Elevated Railroad. This is the building block set for extending the elevated railroad by four (4) additional Level 1 elevated railroad pillars. The bridge links two elevated railroad pillars and it can be plugged into the adapter blocks. Contents: 32 building blocks for elevated railroad pillars, 4 adapter blocks for mounting track, and a bridge consisting of 3 bridge elements. The building blocks and bridge elements are made of sturdy plastic just right for children.

New Item 2019

The ideal expansion of the Märklin my world Elevated Railroad from the 29307 "Airport Express - Elevated Railroad" starter set and the 23302 track extension set.

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