Auhagen 11426

Spor: H0 

Factory fire brigade

Our special machine factory August Hagen AG has now reached enormous proportions. Many people are employed there. The work s own fire brigade has also been established. With its plastered walls and red doors, it sets itself apart from the other brick buildings. A wooden door is fitted to the annex and the main building has with rolling doors which can be opened or closed using the enclosed stationary rails. The roof is of sheet metal in a standing seam design. The hose tower, siren and tool boards are enclosed. A wall and a gallery serve as a separation between the vehicle hall and the social wing. You can find similar fire stations in small villages. This model is of the same design as our modular system and can be extended as required.
Clear gate height 36 mm
Clear gate width 33 mm

200 x 105 x 103 mm
Hose tower height 133 mm


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