Brawa 41546

Spor: H0    Epoke: III     DC


Diesel Locomotive class V90 of the DB, epoch III, Road no. V90 039.

Model in Basic+ Version, prepared for sound.

Model details:

  • All axles are driven
  • All specific details of the 290, 291, 294, 295 and 296 ranges taken into account (e.g. different position of the fan, additional handrails and different bogie equipment)
  • Lights equipped with maintenance-free LEDs
  • Chassis and gearbox housing manufactured from zinc die-casting
  • Etched radiator grille
  • Spring buffers
  • Free standing handles and handrails
  • Clear view through the driver cabin
  • Reproduction of the brake linkage
  • Realistic presentation of the bogie frame incl. the axle drives
  • Light change
  • Digital-Decoder: No
  • Digital Interface: PluX22 digital decoder socket
  • Flywheel mass: Yes
  • Friction Tyres: 2
  • Length over buffer: 164.6 mm
  • Coupler: Shaft NEM 362 without KK kinematics
  • Navigable minimum radius: 360 mm
  • Energy Storage: Yes
  • Headlights: Triple headlights and two taillights, alternating with travel direction

It is possible to retrospectively convert the Diesel Locomotive V 90 from analogue to digital via a PluX22 interface (only sound functions). Please note that it is not possible to retrospectively convert the digital remotecontrol coupling, the driven fan or the additional light functions.

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