Brawa 42887

Spor: H0    Epoke: VI     AC


Diesel Locomotive Class 213 of the Rennsteigbahn, epoch VI, Road no. 213 334.

AC-Model in Digital EXTRA Version with built in D&H Digital Sound decoder.

Model details:

  • All specific details of the different series taken into consideration
  • Etched cooler grille and fan grille
  • Free-standing handrails
  • Spring buffers
  • Clear view through the driver's cabin
  • Realistic reproduction of the tubular frame bogies incl. axle drive
  • Reproduction of brake rods
  • Completely recreated driver's cab
  • Die-cast zinc chassis and gear housing
  • Lights fitted with maintenance-free LEDs
  • Digital-Decoder: Doehler & Haass
  • Digital Interface: PluX22
  • Flywheel mass: Yes
  • Friction Tyres: 2
  • Sound: Yes
  • Coupler: The model has a coupler pocket but no short coupling cinematic
  • Length over buffer: 141,4 mm
  • Navigable minimum radius: 360 mm
  • Headlights: Triple headlights and two red taillights alternating with the direction of travel

Extra Digital Version:

  • Sound
  • Automatic decoupling
  • Driver's cabin lighting
  • Driven fans
  • Shunting light and red light can be individually controlled


2.299,00  DKK
3.399,00  DKK
Du sparer: 1.100,00  DKK
Lager: Leveringstid er 8-10 dag(e).
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