Brawa 44378

Spor: H0    Epoke: III     DC


Diesel railcar VT 137 of the German state railway (DR), epoch III; road No.: VT137 007.
DC-Model in Analog Basic+ Version prepared for Sound.

Model details:

  • Extra mounted and free-standing metal handrails and steps
  • Prepared for sound 
  • Metal drive unit
  • Multipart interior fittings
  • In-plane assembled windows
  • Finest metal spoked wheels
  • Metal reversing gear
  • Drive to two axles
  • With interior lighting
  • Fine rivets; short coupling kinematics
  • Finely detailed bogies
  • True-to-epoch lighting
  • Digital-Decoder: No
  • Digital Interface: PluX22 digital decoder socket
  • Flywheel mass: Yes
  • Coupler: The model has a coupler pocket and short coupling cinematic
  • Length over buffer: 217,3 mm
  • Navigable minimum radius: 360 mm
  • Headlights: Double headlights and two red taillights alternating with the direction of travel

The six VT137 002, 005, 006, 007, 012 and 013 units from the first delivery series that were all repaired stood on DR territory. The railcars that remained with DR continued to travel from Zittau in Upper Lusatia until the start of the 1960s. Ultimately, the increasingly absent spare parts lead to discontinuation. The last VT62 quit service in Braunschweig at the end of the 1950s.



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