Noch 66010

Spor: H0   

Universal Platform, 3 pieces set

So far modellers were dependend on ready-made platforms with determined widths and lengths, and modifying plastic platforms requires a lot of experience. The NOCH Universal Platform makes this a lot easier. It is made form special, laser-cut carboard and it has two major features: One the one hand it is very stable, and on the other hand it can be shaped with a craft knife or simple scissors. With the wide base, the platform can even be adapted to a curved radius.

To support modellers with greater model railway installations, NOCH offers a favourably priced 3-piece set. The set contains 3 Universal Platforms and it is suitable for re-creating even large, stretch-out, and complex stations individually.

Packaging Unit: 3 Piece/Pieces
Length: 271.00 mm
Width: 83.00 mm
Height: 11.00 mm
249,00  DKK
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