Viessmann 2622

Spor: H0     DC

ROBEL Track motor car 54.22 BLS version with movable crane, functional model for 2 rail version

The model with printing BLS satisfies with a special developed and patented drive technology which is adjusted to the flat construction and offers stable driving characteristics. Highlight is the movable crane which rotates nearly unlimited motor-driven even to left and right side. The crane arm elevates from cargo area and afterwards moves down beside the tracks. The working base is changeable with the crane hook. By proceed at reduced speed, operation with sound, analogue and digital ROBEL sophisticates. Universally applicable and a must have on your layout. With electrical drive unit, directional headlights 3 white headlights resp. red tail lights, yellow warning light and white cab lighting. The integrated sound module generating various operating sounds, - pivoting coupler pockets as per NEM 362 at both ends. Load compensation in running mode (digital), - prototypical maximum speed even in analogue mode due to automatic adaptation to excessive supply voltage, - supporting RailCom datagram command confirmations, CV content, address broadcast. With close-coupling kinematics and attached coupler. Dimensions: Lob 13,4 x W 3,6 x H 4,8 cm.


New Item 2018

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