Märklin 81332

Spor: Z    Epoke: II    DC

"90 Years of the Rheingold" Train Set

Prototype: 1 German State Railroad Company (DRG) class 18.4 steam express locomotive with a type 2´2´T26,2 tender, 1 type SPw4ü-28 baggage car, 1 type SB4ü-28 parlor car, 2nd class without a galley, 1 type SB4ük-28 parlor car, 2nd class with a galley, 1 type SA4ü-28 parlor car, 1st class without a galley, 1 type SA4ük-28 parlor car, 1st class with a galley. Cars in a violet/beige paint scheme. The train looks as it did in the DRG's Era II around 1931.

Model: The locomotive has a motor with a bell-shaped armature. All driving axles powered. The locomotive model is finely detailed and includes modelling of the brake rigging, rail clearance devices, enlarged buffer plates, etc. The cars are prototypically and finely imprinted. These models are not available separately. Train length about 635 mm / 25". Included with the train set is a reproduction of an original builder's plate for the locomotive constructed of metal. The train set comes in an exclusively designed "book packaging" with a booklet about the history of the Rheingold and a certificate of authenticity.

One-time series 2018 


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