Viessmann 5104

Spor: H0   

Level crossing with decorated barriers, fully automatic

Level crossing with 2 barrieres, powered by 2 separate underfloor drive units. The drive provides slow movement during opening and closing of the barriers. The street can be lead across by any quantities of tracks. Board crossing pieces, access ramps and printed road signs are attached. Integrated decoder is multi protocol and recognizes DCC and MM format. For automatical use switching tracks resp. switching contacts item-No. 6840 are required. More information is provided in our signal book item-No. 5299 German version. To build four-arm barrierres, item-No. 5107 mirrored model is required. More connectors offered by item-No. 5105 (2 rail) and 5106 (3 rail). Barrier lengh: ca. 63 mm.

Tip: Suitable sound module item-No. 5556 provides sound according to the movement of the barrier arms.

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