Piko 59110

Spor: H0    Epoke: V   DC

SBB G1700 Freight Starter Set

This starter set includes SBB Am843 Diesel Locomotive which is a modern shunting locomotive of the Swiss Federal Railway, it is thought to be one of the cleanest diesel locomotives around due to its micro-particle filter. This particular type of locomotive is best suited to large shunting yards or local passenger services. Also included in this set are four SBB freight wagons, an oval of track and the power controller with AC adaptor.

  • 1 x Am843 "Sersa" Diesel Locomotive
  • 4 x Freight Wagons
  • 12 x Curved Tracks R2 422 mm (55212)
  • 7 x Straight track 231 mm (55201)
  • 1 x Straight Track 239 mm (55200)
  • 1 x Power Connection Clip (55270)
  • 1 x Right Hand Turnout (55221)
  • 1 x Buffer Stop (55280)
  • 1 x Controller with AC Adaptor
Set Details:
  • Area: 158 x 88cm
  • Minimum building area: 168 x 98cm
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