Noch 60833

Landscaping Wire Mesh

Stable, Flexible, Shapeable!
Stable, flexible, shapeable – those are the distinguished features of this innovative wire mesh for the creation of model landscapes.
Use the Landscaping Wire Mesh on the NOCH TERRA-FORM System, on vertical frames or any other foundation. You will get a durable and stable surface, on which you may directly continue your work with further materials such as NOCH Modelling Plaster Cloth (ref. 60980 and 60982), NOCH Rock Compound (ref. 60880 and 60890) or NOCH Modelling Compound (ref. 60920).

Contents: 0.75 qm
Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces
Length: 1000.00 mm
Width: 750.00 mm
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114,00  DKK
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