Brawa 48955

Spor: H0    Epoke: IV    DC

Model: Three-pieces set of sliding wall cars Hbis 299 "SWS" of the Danish State Railways (DSB).

Road no.: 44 86 225 0 001-6/ 01 86 225 0 387-0 / 01 86 225 0 484-5.

Models feature constructive consideration of the varying details between the Hbis 297 and Hbis 299, e.g. automatic load change. Metal wheels; structure and handles made of high-quality, impactresistant plastic; spring buffers; originally reproduced, three-dimensional frame body; brake shoes in wheel plane. Extra mounted brake system, extra mounted handrails and steps and separately mounted axle brake rod.

Models with NEM 362 coupler pocket and short coupling kinematics.

949,00  DKK
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