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"Green Cargo" Funnel-Flow Tank Car Set

Aircraft Kerosene for Sweden
By freight train to the airplane – the railroad is ideally suited to transport hazardous materials and thus in Sweden for transporting kerosene in funnel-flow tank cars for Ermewa SA "Green Cargo". Due to the special safety requirements, the type Zacns cars have especially robust frames, special buffers, and steel reinforcements on the tank ends ("headshields"). A high-strength steel frame as a rollover bar guarantees effective protection of sensitive areas such as the filling and emptying valves in the upper middle part of the car in case of a rollover.

Prototype: 2 type Zacns funnel-flow tank cars painted and lettered for Ermewa SA "Green Cargo", used to transport fuel.

Model: The 2 type "Zacns" funnel-flow tank cars of the firm Ermewa SA are painted and lettered for "Green Cargo". Both cars are individually lettered and include close coupler hooks. Length over the buffers each 77.5 mm.

New Item 2018 


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