ESU 36040

Spor: H0    Epoke: IV    AC/DC

Club car

Prototype: Club car, WGye831 11-591, DB, green, with electronic.

Model: True to scale model of a DB club car, type WG4üpe-36-50 (WGye 831)
Decoder für DCC, Motorola, M4 and Selectrix mode
Automatic registration at command stations supporting RailComPlus or mfx functionality
PowerPack storage capacitor for uninterrupted power supply
Music can be played thanks to integral MP3 player and large speaker
Micro SD card with optional music to be inserted into the module after removing the roof
Separately switched multi-colour effect lighting of the interior
Conversion from 3-rail to 2-rail current pick-up by removing the centre pick-up contact and activating a switch inside the vehicle
Loop and hook couplers with kinematics in NEM shaft
Minimum radius = 360 mm
Length over buffers = 239.7 mm

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